Copacabana to La Paz

Copacabana felt like the perfect spot to have a rest day before continuing on to La Paz. The Germans headed out onto Lake Titicaca to one of the islands and I decided […]

Puno to Copacabana (BOLIVIA!!)

The day started off a little later than expected as I went to pick up my washing the previous afternoon at the agreed time to find that they were closed. I was […]

Santa Rosa to Puno (Lake Titicaca)

The day again started off well. I continued towards Puno with a fresh light breeze behind me. I passed by Icy lakes reflecting the surrounding mountains filled with flocks of Flamingoes, Large […]

Cusco to Santa Rosa via Combapata.

After the trek to Machu Picchu I gave myself two days to rest in Cusco, and make sure my spider bite was going to handle the next 400km of close contact with […]

Salkantay Trek to Machu Picchu

I had an easy week resting my injury, eating great food, and living the Cusco lifestyle. I visited the Doctor again on Thursday and she confirmed I would be o to do […]

Cusco -Longer than I expected to stay!

So besides the fact that I’m currently laying in a hospital bed in Cusco instead of exploring Machu Picchu, I’ve actually had a pretty good experience here so far. 

This little situation began […]

Abancay to Cusco Via a river and Izcucha

I left my Hostel in Abancay and after some sneaky street burgers for breakfast, I made my way out of the city. The day began with 35kms of up hill. 

I was sitting […]

Chalhuanca to Abancay

Yesterday morning I left my Hostel and headed out into the street to start the day with some street food. I had a few egg, spam, and chip burgers and a few […]

The top somewhere to Chalhuanca

So I left off last night wondering if I would be attacked by a Puma, robbed by some people, or simply freeze to death. 
As I lay in my sleeping bag these thoughts […]

Puquio to the top somewhere (around 4300m)

I am currently shitting myself, laying in my tent… but I will get to that part.
Today started well. I got up and slowly gathered my things and enjoyed my warm shower as […]

Pampa Galeras to Puquio

I didn’t sleep overly well last night, Which I think was due to the cold and the altitude. As the night went on I developed more of a headache and The cold […]

Nasca to Pampa Galeras Via Huallhua (written 16th September 2015)

In total I have completed about 90km of this 650km section. The last two days have been the most physically and mentally difficult I can remember! Having said I have been riding […]

Haucachina to Palpa to Nasca

I had a rest day in Haucachina and decided to go on a buggy tour through the sand dunes. The dune buggies are basically these pimped out Roll cages with V8s in […]

Pisco to Haucachina

I left the San Isidro Hostel around 8am and headed into town to find some breakfast. Again I found myself in the usual predicament, unable to read the chalkboard menu. Another restaurant […]

Cerro Azul to Pisco

Today was a massive day and I am exhausted now!

I left my friends at Cerro Azul and headed back out onto the local streets where i attempted to go into a little […]