I love to travel and experience the world and all it has to offer

Pucasana to Cerro Azul

Today started with breakfast on the deck overlooking the the water in Pucasana. 

I left just after 7am and hit the old Americana Expressway again Today I felt a lot more comfortable on the […]

The first ride

I started the day leaving the hostel at around 6am. Even at this time it was busy in Lima! I negotiated people and traffic for about 3 hours traveling at a very […]

Exploring Lima

I opened my bike box to a pleasant surprise. No buckled wheels and no major damage… Bonus! 

After assembling her I found that the seat post clamp was missing. I assume this fell […]

Traveling back in time

Three days ago I would have told you that I have never been this organised for anything in my life. Over the past 5 months I’ve spent a small fortune setting myself […]

The Plan

About 5 months ago i had an idea… but first let me give you a little incite into my traveling history…

At age 21 I wanted to go on an adventure but I […]