Three days ago I would have told you that I have never been this organised for anything in my life. Over the past 5 months I’ve spent a small fortune setting myself up with all the right equipment researching all the places I want to visit, I went to the extent of checking out roads on google earth to find the best routes with the least traffic. 

packing bike

Nice and neat – the way the journey began

My first hiccup was leaving my travel inoculations till the last minute (two days ago). It was on my list of things to do but somehow kept getting pushed back. One of the immunisations was a small vial of liquid I had to drink to prevent me getting Cholera from dirty water. The problem was that I had to take two of these, each one week apart,which would cover me one week after the second one. To make things that little bit trickier the vial had to be kept at fridge temperature which posed a small problem as i would be spending the next 48 hours traveling. I took a couple of Eski bricks out of my house mates Freezer (which he doesn’t know about yet – Thanks Josh!), and have been traveling through Airports carrying my little cooler bag with me.

The second issue ended up being a $255 extra baggage fee from Townsville to Brisbane Airport as I went over my allowed weight by a lazy 17kg. (definitely would have been cheeper to buy some scales). After this I became aware that on my next flight from Brisbane to Sydney I was allowed two Items of baggage, any excess baggage would cop  $175 for each. This posed a problem as I had a bike box and four pannier bags to take. After spending the night at Scotty and Crystals house all thinking up ways around the issue my roll of emergency Duct tape proved to solve the problem quickly turning 4 bags into one awkward to carry big bag.

lugage arrival

Picked up a ripped up bike box… waiting till tomorrow to look inside!

There were really no other issues other than running through Sydney airport after realising my gate number had changed, and charged what worked out to be around A$12 for a bottle of water from the Santiago airport.

I wanted desperately to get some sleep on the flight from Santiago to Lima but due to me having a window seat in combination with the most amazing landscape i have ever scene in my life, there was not going to be much chance of that.

Santiago view from plane

Most amazing view Ive ever scene – photo does not doit justice!

Once i arrived in Lima I picked up my luggage, (bike box didn’t handle the trip too well) and haggled a sweet deal with a taxi driver into town. After several near death experiences with my driver Diago and his 1985 Mazda taxi we arrived at a sweet renovated mansion otherwise known as 1900 Backpackers Hostel. So here I am deliriously tired having been traveling and waiting for flights for the past 36 hours. Time for some sleep and find out how my bike survived its journey in the morning.

Lima Taxi ride

Lima Taxi ride – knows how to use his horn!